AgroTech Nordic - Live
Agricultural Trade Fair Meets Field Days

AgroTech Nordic Live 2021 has been canceled

Press release, May 10, 2021

This year’s AgroTech Nordic Live will not take place due to the uncertainty brought by the global pandemic.

Although the current situation in Finland gives hope for better tomorrow, the overall situation is not good. This creates uncertainty due to the pandemic and the resulting unpredictability of official regulations and restrictive measures.

We made this difficult decision after thorough consideration. Uncertainty about the future is also forcibly reflected in the actions and plans of the exhibitors. In the current circumstances, allocating our customers’ resources to non-event-based marketing measures is in practice the most sensible option until the situation resemble more regular.” says Mr. Henrik Kalliola from 2LM Corporate Oy.

Dr. Lars Huf, Deputy Managing Director of DLG International GmbH said: “We have been monitoring the situation closely but the conditions due to regional and international developments of the COVID-19 pandemic don’t provide a solid basis for our events. This is very disappointing; however, we look forward to continuously developing and improving our excellent business platform for our exhibitors and our farming community both groups who are very eager to come back to the field and conduct their business activities.”

Agricultural Exhibition 2.0

AgroTech Nordic – Live is a new combination of a traditional exhibition and field day merged as unique set of events. Now working machine demos, test runs, product and service provider presentations are brought together to provide a latest information and knowledge to agricultural professionals

DLG brings professionally organized live events to Finland. AgroTech Nordic combines agricultural exhibitions and field days into a professional event – event where the machines are in their natural environment.

Close to customers

Since events are held in various locations around Finland it makes the events more accessible reducing travel time and maximizing attendance of industry professionals. Other additional benefit is that local conditions and opportunities can be taken into account to serve visitors.

Active presenting

Agricultural machinery is usually a significant investment and its impact for production can be remarkable. Therefore, it is imperative to see and experience product or a service ensuring that investment is likely to fulfill its purpose in increasing the productivity. Obviously doing so in the real environment gives the best proof to potential customers. For this reason AgroTech Nordic offers a great opportunity for companies to show-case their products in practice and also ensuring farmers that product may meet the necessary requirements.

Best of both event types

Events that bring professionals together also work for companies whose products and services do not need a field for presentation. Exhibition area is organized in each event for “traditional” exhibition stands and programs. 

Every event has its own theme ranging from environmental issues to agricultural automation.