Loimaa Educational Farm

Loimaa Educational Farm

Novida Vocational College and high school agricultural education learning environment, i.e. the educational farm, have been operating as a privately managed educational farm for 16 years. The new operating model of the farm has brought new opportunities for teaching natural resources in Loimaa.

The farm consists of the Novida educational farm and Tuomas Levomäki‘s own farm, with a total arable area of 220 hectares and a forest area of 100 hectares. The farm has a modern and versatile machinery, which enables the utilization of various technologies in teaching activities. Information technology is widely involved in various farm activities. Geographic information systems and automatic tractor control systems are utilized in arable farming. Field crop production produces malting barley, autumn and spring wheat, rye, oats, peas, rapeseed, oilseed rape, cumin and sugar beet. Grain energy is used to dry grain.

For teaching activities, field trials have been set up to study and monitor the differences and suitability of different cultivation technologies and cultivation methods in different conditions. Particular attention will be paid to the cultivation method experiment, which has been operating for 15 years.

Livestock production specializes in piglet production. The free-range piglet has 80 sow places. According to the year cycle, students participate in all the work on the farm. It is therefore important for students to work in a real business environment for real farm work.