Ylä-Savo Vocational College

Ylä-Savo Vocational College

Ylä-Savo Vocational College (YSAO) is a multidisciplinary but at the same time specialized vocational school. It’s educationally strong sectors are earth construction, logistics and the sector of natural resources. 40% of students apply to study from about 150 different municipalities from all over Finland.

In terms of age structure, 75% of students are over 20 years old. YSAO has two authentic functioning teaching farms, a horse production unit in Hingunniemi in Kiuruvesi and an agricultural and other animal care unit in Peltoniemi (Pemo) in Iisalmi. Peltoniemi has a long tradition in agricultural education, the history dates back to 1875, when the animal cattle breeding school started in Peltosalmi.

Today, the teaching farm has a robotic byre, about 75 ha of field, where mainly grass is grown for livestock fodder. The fields are located near the teaching farm, the distance to the farthest block is 3km.

Today, in Peltoniemi, in addition to farming and animal husbandry, students are studying earth construction, vehicle technology, interior design and restoration. During this year YSAO Peltoniemi will receive a modern learning environment to support teaching with new buildings, facilities and modern equipment. As a result of the construction project, the learning environment in Peltoniemi will be modernized and the area will expand by reducing the building stock.

The construction project has paid attention to environmental friendliness, diversity and sustainable development.